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The manufacturing process is carried out entirely on the company's premises, from the preparation of wire rod through to the packaging of the finished product. Each step of the process is assessed with reference to an "Excellence Point" indicating the standard expected under SBE's Quality System. Only material purchased from the best European steel makers is used to guarantee the highest quality level of SBE's products.
manufacturing_1 Wire rod stock yard

Incoming wire coil is checked prior to acceptance on the basis of SBE's quality requirements and stored in specific areas to ensure error-free collection.
manufacturing_2 Wire coil heat treatment

Computer controlled spheroidizing annealing is done in bell furnaces.
manufacturing_3 Wire rod pickling and phosphating

A completely automated system renders the surface of the wire rod chemically homogeneous ready for the forging operation. Sand blasting plant is also available in case of special parts where a perfect surface preparation is required
manufacturing_4 Wire drawing

This operation ensures uniform diameter of the wire coil.
manufacturing_5 Tool making

Fundamental for a flexible manufacturing system, the tool making department is equipped with the machine tools needed to make the dies that are designed and drawn by our own Engineering Services department.
manufacturing_6 Tool heat treatment

An important feature of the tool making process is vacuum heat treatment.
manufacturing_7 Toolstock

With an inventory of over 35,000 tooling components for forging equipment, SBE owns and manages an engineering heritage hard to equal.
manufacturing_8 Forging

It is at this stage of the process, using multi-station bolt makers and parts formers (cold forming up to 300 pcs/min), that parts are given their final shape.
manufacturing_9 Thread rolling and tapping

These recently updated and enlarged departments have facilities for threading every type of forging produced.
manufacturing_10 Heat treatment

Continuous furnaces of different capacities (kg/h) with a controlled and constantly monitored atmosphere are used to achieve the mechanical strength properties specified for the various fasteners.
manufacturing_11 Packaging

This department has been completely refurbished, and is capable of packaging all current production items automatically.

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